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Ideas and inspiration for new prints

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For my first print "Excerpts from a Victorian Cookbook" I was inspired by Frence pastries as well as illustrations from "Mrs' Beeton's Book of Household Management"

I have oodles of other prints swirling around in my brain, so I thought I'd try to explain a few and post some of inspiration.

Twelve Dancing Princesses

Ruth Anderson

Errol Le Cain

Kay Nielsen

This print is one of the many fairy tale prints I want to do.  Basically it it will be a hem print that stretches all the way up the skirt.  Thin tall trees of varying stylized kinds with beautiful princesses flitting and dancing through them.  I've wanted to do this print for several years XD

Keys to the Kingdom redux

Basically what is says it is.  I want to redo the original print, but instead of screen printing it, using my (soon to be gotten) embroidery machine in threads of silver and gold.  I want to break the print up and make it more complex and spindily

Sleeping Beauty

Kay Nielsen

No Disney princesses here.  My biggest inspiration is the Sleeping Beauty painting made by Edward Burne-Jones.  I want to make several "panels" on the hem like his paintings.  The princess and court sleeping timelessly entrapped in thorny and beautiful roses.  Sleeping Beauty was always my favorite fairy tale, and not just because I like napping XD

Edward Burne-Jones

Edward Burne-Jones

Cleverly named Nautical line

This would be a polychrome embroidery done on a sailor dress made of seersucker or a vest and skirt set like the one from the fashion show two years ago.  It would be in the style of a nautical crest, with sailing ships, mermaids, hippocampus, nautical flags, compass rose, anchors, swashbuckling swords, anything nautical and awesome I can fit on it!  I wanted to have this ready for this spring/summer, but no dice.  I might have to wait for next year =(  it kinda seems weird to release a nautical print any other time.

Dutch Tulips and Birdhouses

Probably one of the stranger print ideas I have.  It would be a hem print with alternating tulips and birdhouses (inspired by dutch and Nordic-ish architecture. It would be done in Crayola colors with perhaps a drindle type style bodice.

Mythical Carousel Print

This would be a delicate carousel print done in a more classic style then sweet.  Instead of plain horses the mounts would be hippogryphs, Hippocampus, flying unicorns, deer, and gryphons.

The Virtuous Unicorn

Perhaps the most interesting, the print I am working on now XD!  It's inspired by the various unicorn tapestries from the middle ages. It will be done in jewel tones on a cream fabric.  While the material is taken from the middle ages, the style and colors will be more like Warwick Goble's illustrations.

I have other ideas: Something inspired by the fairies from midsummmers night's dream, something with mermaids, and some mori girl inspired designs (although I'm not sure how popular those will be).  

Please let me know what you think of the ideas =)  I want to make prints and clothing that will thrill!

I will post the sketches I have so far of the unicorn print in the next post =) 

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