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It's been a while since my last post, but I have been furiously finishing the "Excerpts from a Victorian Cookbook" orders and sketching for my next lines.

The tapestries that I'm using as my inspiration for the unicorn print are the "Lady and the Unicorn" ones housed at the Musée de Cluny in Paris. Their are 6 tapestries in the collection each representing a different sense, and the last one titled "my one desire". Rather then copying them exactly I've decided to rift on the idea of a set theme, and do 4 tableau's of a lady and a Unicorn, each symbolizing one of the 4 cardinal virtues.

Here are some good photos of the "Lady and the Unicorn" tapestries

This one is the virtue of Prudence. It's the first one I did and the is directly inspired by the sight tapestry.

Temperance. Since I photographed these sketches, I have finished them, so she actually has hair now XD

I want to note that I specifically didn't try to make the unicorns look like horses, because the tapestries unicorns really really don't. Rather I made an effort to make them seem otherworldly, spindly, and even somewhat dragonlike. Rather then use horse photos as models I ended up using deer, fawns, foals, and quite a few African hoofed critters. No My Little Ponies here XD!

Justice. I need to fix this a bit so that the scales are level haha!

Fortitude. Here it is just the beginning of a sketch, but I've actually finished the sketch since then.

So the fabric will be cream with the 4 tableau's repeating around the hem. The rest of the skirt will be 8 flora illustrations and 8 fauna illustrations alternating. I was inspired by the tapestries and their backgrounds of animals and bushes. They will be done somewhat in the style of Victorian naturalist illustrations. Currently I've finished sketching 4 of the flora.

I'm uncertain of how I want to color the parts of the print before I assemble them digitally. My first inclination is to use my prismacolor markers that I used for the "Excerpts from a Victorian Cookbook" art, but I'm concerned that I don't have a subtle enough range as the soft jewel tone colors I want to work with would require. So that suggests using watercolors, but I'm a bit wary of that lol!

As you can tell the Unicorn print is getting to be very complicated and finicky. Because of this I've decided to do another print while I sort it out.

Sweet Matryoshka

This print is sorta the daughter of my "Tulips and Dutch houses, windmills as birdhouses" idea. It has the same bright color pallet and kitschy feeling that the other one would

the dolls are the main design of the print and will repeat around the hem of the jsk.

the rest of the fabric of the jsk would be decorated with these motifs (and maybe polkadots) scattered all over. With tropigalia's clever idea and urging I'm going to replace the bow (which is dark blue) with a blue bird, to continue the natural/Nordic/Slavic feeling. Their won't be any circles around them though, that was just to get the proportions correct.

The print is mostly edited and done, I just need to replace that bow with the bird. I'll post it here when I do =)

Here is the jsk design to go with the fabric print

Also I am working on a new hat style for the quickly advancing Halloween. Look for it here and on the EGL (and egl sales) community soon.
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